Archeologist found a skeleton curled up on its side looking at herself in a bronze mirror. The 2000 year old site located in what is now known as Ethiopia discovers the site, and came to name the remains as the Sleeping Beauty. This name given because of the items that were found on the site and the way the remains of the body were found. Beside the curled up body was jewelry, eyeliner and a mirror which helped to discover more of a back story to the Sleeping Beauty. Researchers believe that the mummification process/ remains kept so well because they were buried under an overhang that protected her from poor weather elements. With all of the facts and details about the site, it is easy to come to the conclusion that the Sleeping Beauty was a person of high quality and was categorized with the wealthy. 

The article can be found through the link attached below for further details., E. Z. (2015, June 10). Retrieved February 06, 2017, from

Aksum, Ethiopia was said to be a powerful force in northern Ethiopia during the Christian era.

Aksum existed from around 100 to 940 AD. Aksum dominated the Red Sea until the 9th century and was a key player in trading along the coast. 

Modern Ethiopians believe to be descendants from this Biblical Kingdom.

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