Signe Margit
Biographical Information
Name(s) Signe Margit
Age 58
Sex Female
Status Homeless
Height unknown
Culture unknown
Date(s) 1951- January 2010 (estimated)
Current Location
Location Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.


Margit possessed two Master's Degrees, one of which was focused in Social Work. Described by friends and family as very friendly and never seeing the negative, Margit was known for giving away too much in order to help others. By October 2004 Margit had filed for bankruptcy and ended up homeless. Margit befriended a fellow homeless real estate woman in her 50s who allowed Margit to sleep in her car. 


Margit was found in the real estate friend's car in the passenger seat covered in clothing and baking powder. The car had been reported for being parked illegally. The friend admitted to driving around with her covered in clothing for the past 10 months because she feared being blamed for the death.

The body reduced from an original 120 pounds to a remaining 30 pounds.


Margit had been transferred to a coroner in California.


The coroner was unable to determine a cause of death.

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