Siberian Ice Maiden
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Siberian Ice Maiden (Princess of Ukok)
Age Approximately 2500 years old
Sex Female
Status Deceased
Height 1.62m
Culture Pazyryk Culture
Date(s) Discovered in 1993
Site Ukok Plateau, Siberia, Russia
Current Location
Location Republican National Museum, Gorno-Altaisk, Russia
Catalog #


The Siberian Ice Maiden is the mummy of a 20-30 year old 5th century BC tattooed woman who lived on the Eurasian Steppes, found in 1993 in an undisturbed subterranean burial chamber on the Ukok Plateau where her decorated wooden tree trunk coffin as well as all of her belongings were found. Due to the fact that the Ice Maiden was in a lot of pain in the months leading up to her death, she sniffed cannabis to ease the pain, allowing her to believe she could see spirits.


The Ice Maiden was preserved in ice as her name suggests which allowed for a well preserved mummification process of her body. Upon discovery of her tomb, the team of archeologists found her preserved body covered in multiple tattoos, dressed in a silk tussah blouse, a wool skirt, and white fur leggings, along with a three foot tall headdress decorated with golden feline figures. The way in which she was buried, along with the fact that she was also called a princess and her cannabis use allowed her to see spirits suggests that she may have been female shaman before her death.


In 2014, an MRI of the Ice Maiden’s body in Novosibirsk, Russia revealed that she suffered from osteomyelitis, or an infection of bone or bone marrow. The MRI also revealed not only injuries from a presumed fall off of a horse, but also the existence of 4th stage breast cancer which caused severe pain.


The findings of the MRI suggest that the evidence of the fall from her horse, along with the breast cancer had a huge impact on her life, both impacting her death greatly.




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