Biography Edit

Seti II (or Sethos II), was the

Seti ii
Human Mummy
File:Https:// II mummy.png
Biographical Information
Name(s) Seti II
Age Died - 1193 BC
Sex Male
Status Fifth ruler of the Nineteenth dynasty of Egypt
Height Unknown
Culture Ancient Egyptian
Date(s) Reigned 1199 BC - 1193 BC
Site Unknown
Current Location
Location Discovered - Valley of the Kings
Catalog # Unknown
fifth ruler of the Nineteenth dynasty of Egypt and reigned from c. 1199 B.C. to 1193 B.C. His throne name, Userkheperure Setepenre, means "Powerful are the manifestations of Re, the chosen one of Re". His Father was Merneptah and his mother was Isisnofret.

Mummification Edit

Not much is known about the specifics of the mummification process of Seti II. KV 15, the tomb of Seti has been known and been laid open for a very long period of time based on the Greek and Latin graffiti found on its walls. Eventually it was Howard Carter who cleared most of the tomb between 1903 and 1904.

Studies Edit

During his short reign he was constantly contested for the throne by Amenmesse. In this period both Amenmesse and Seti II claimed to be the pharaoh with Seti II controlling Lower Egypt and Amenmesse controlling Upper Egypt. Evidence of this conflict includes parts of Seti II's tomb deliberately being vandalized having many of Seti's royal names carefully erased and then subsequently repaired (possibly by Seti agents). This suggests that Seti II's reign may have been interrupted by the rise of another king, Amenmesse.

Additional Info Edit

It is known that Seti II had at least three wives, which included Takhat II, Tausret and Tiaa. Tausret may have been the mother of Seti II's oldest son and heir named Seti-Merenptah. However, this child did not live long enough to inherit the throne. Instead, another son named Siptah replaced the king. It is thought that the mother of Siptah is not Tausret but actually Queen Tiaa. Additionally, Tausret eventually outlived Siptah, taking full possession of the throne herself.

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