Seti I
Seti I in his temple in Abydos (image shown below)
Seti I in his temple in Abydos (image shown below)
Biographical Information
Name(s) Menmaatre Seti I
Age Died 1279 BC
Sex Male
Status Pharaoh Of 19th Dynasty of Egypt (Abydos)
Height 5'7
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) 1290-1279 BC
Site KV17
Current Location
Location London
Catalog # Unclear


Seti I had many names, although his most common and referred to name was Menmaatre. He was most well known for being the Pharaoh of the new nineteenth dynasty of Egypt. He was also well known as he was the son of Ramesses (his procedure) and father of Ramesses II (his successor). Menmaatre was said to be in power for 11-55 years. Although this length of reign is just an estimate as it is unclear when he was in power. Most believe he held power somewhere between the time of 1290-1279


Seti I was found in 1817 in the Valley of the Kings. His tomb was one of the first to be found decorated and was very large in size. When examining his mummy, it was said that his body was preserved extremely well. Identifying his age being around less than 40 years old., with no violence found on his mummy. It was also said that his body was decapitated most likely due to tomb raiders at the time. Although his body was later reattached to his head and put back together to be further mummified. 

Pathology/Cause of DeathEdit

Seti I’s cause of death or pathology is unclear by many researchers. Although it is believed that Seti I died of some illness that was related to his heart. This was thought to be true because when examining his mummy, his heart was found on the opposite side of his body. Thus, some sort of indication that his heart was the issue or related cause to death.  

Additional InfoEdit

Seti I is most well known for leading an army to battle for and restore Egyptian pride which had been lost in the 18th dynasty. He fought in Syria and created a peace treaty between Lebanon and Anti-Lebanon mountains.  He was also well known for building the 19th dynasty back into a kingdom and powerful place. 

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