14th pharaoh of the Theban dynasty
Seqenenre Taa II
Mummified head of Seqenenre Taa II
Biographical Information
Name(s) Seqenenre Taa II
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Status 14th pharaoh of the Theban dynasty
Height Unknown
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) 16th century BCE
Site Unknown
Current Location
Location Egypt - Deir el-Bahari
Catalog #


Seqenenre Taa II was the 14th Pharaoh of the Theban Dynasty, and ruled in 16 century BCE. Seqenere had a relatively short reign, he is known for the building of a new palace made of mud brick at Deir el-Ballas. At the time of his reign the Theban Dynasty was engaged in a war against the Hyksos, and it is believe that Seqenenre was killed by the Hyksos either while sleeping or during battle. This is believed do to the wounds present on his head.


An embalming process - which was a method of preserving a body where it was covered in natron salts and wrapped in linens - was used to preserve the body of Seqenenre Taa II. Although evidence shows that his embalming process must have been done in a hasty manner because the brain wasn't removed and the cranium and eyes weren't covered with linen. To do so was normal practice in Egyptian embalming and resulted in unpleasant smells when his case was originally opened. He is also considered to be the worst preserved royal mummy in the Egyptian museum.



Cause of death although unknown, is believed to be in battle or while sleeping do to the wounds present on the head of Seqenenre Taa II.

Additional InfoEdit

- believed that the wound on his forehead was from a Hyksos axe

-no wounds were present on his arms or legs which insinuates that he was unable to defend himself at the time of his death

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