The San Pedro Mountains Mummy (later nicknamed Pedro) is an infant mummy who was discovered in June 1934, when Cecil Main and Frank Carr were mining for gold in the San Pedro Mountains. Main and Carr discovered a small room in a cave, approximately 4 ft tall, 4 ft wide, and about 15 ft deep. Inside was a tiny, mummified body.

San Pedro Mountains Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) San Pedro Mountains Mummy


Age Unknown
Sex Male
Status Unknown
Height 6.5 inches (sitting)
Culture Local native american, possibly The Shoshone,
Date(s) Unknown
Site San Pedro Mountains, Wyoming
Current Location
Location Missing
Catalog # Unknown


Perdo was believed to belong to the local native american tribes of the area, who were known for their ledgends of “tiny people,” and “little spirits”. After its discovery in 1934, the mummy was sold many times. It was part of various sideshows and once belonged to a man who displayed it in a glass jar in the window of his drug store. Another man purchased the mummy to use in his car advertisements.  


Scientists conducted many tests on Pedro. The mummy had bulging eyes, a flattened nose, and a flattened cranium, as a result of its birth defect.Pedro was so well preserved that even his fingernails were visible. A gelatinous substance covered Pedro’s head, which revealed that liquids had been used to preserve the infant. With a full set of teeth, brown and wrinkled skin, the mummy had the appearance of an old man. It wasn't until later tests that it was determined to be an infant.


In 1950, the owner of the mummy was a man named Ivan Goodman, who took the mummy to Dr. Harry Shapiro, curator of biological anthropology at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. The mummy was examined and X-rayed. Shortly after the mummy's visit to New York, it disappeared and has remained missing ever since. The X-Rays taken by Dr. Shapiro determined that it was the body of ananencephalic infant, whose cranial deformity gave it the appearance of a miniature adult.

Additional InfoEdit

Anencephaly is a neural tube defect, causing the absence of a major part of the skull, brain, and scalp.  The cranial vault may remain open as the skull continues to develop. If an anencephalic birth is not still born, it may live about a week.

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