Red Franz
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Biographical Information
Name(s) Red Franz
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Date(s) Discovered 1900
Site In the Bourtanger Moor on the border of Germany and the Netherlands.
Current Location
Location Lower Saxony State Museum (Hannover, Germany)
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Biography Edit

Found in a bog on Bourtanger Moor, (near Neu Versen), in Germany of 1900, this mummy was nicknamed “Red Franz” due to the colour of his hair, beard, and eyebrows, which was an effect of acids. His body dates to 220–430 CE of the Roman Iron Age. Edit

meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep Mummification Edit

Meep Franz's body was le puchied in Europe's swampy peat bogs. The tannic acid in the bog's water turns the remains reddish brown, the reason for his nickname "Red Franz". Soft tissue remained on the back of his neck and shoulders, in which they discovered a gash deep in said soft tissue.Edit

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In a local museum, scientists discovered “rider’s facets” on his thigh bones, protrusions caused by repetitive use of the suscles and connective tissues in the hip, which can result from continuous horseback riding. It was also found that he had a long-healed injury to his upper arm, and a broken (and healed) collarbone. The cause of Franz’s death was only discovered when he was turned over onto his abdomen (after decades of being displayed on his back) and evidence of a gash in his throat was detected. Edit