Ramses II
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Ramses II
Age 90
Sex Male
Status Egyptian Pharaoh
Height 1.7 metres
Culture Egyptian
Site Tomb KV7
Current Location
Location Valley of Kings
Catalog #


Ramses II was born 1303 BC and died in the year 1213 BC. He was the third pharaoh in the 19th Dynasty of Egypt. He was highly respected, and is even referred to as 'Ramsesses the Great' because he was so loved by his people. He ruled Egypt from 1279 BC to 1213 BC. He focused on building through Egypt (temples, buildings) including his own memorial temple called Ramessuem. He helped to improve Egypt's wealth from collecting supplies from other empires during his reign.


He was originally buried in tomb kV7 in the Valley of Kings but was moved to the tomb of the high priest Pinudjem II due to issues with looting at his original burial site. He now remains in Cairo's Egyptian Museum.



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