Ramses III mummy head

Biography Edit

Born in 1217 BC and died in 1155 BC. It is thought that one of his wives, Tiye, had him killed because one of his other wives, Tyti's, son Ramesses IV was the successor to the throne, and she wanted her son Pentaweret to be the next king. He was the child of Setnakhte and Tiy-Merenese. He was the second pharaoh of the 20th dynasty during the years of 1186 BC till 1155 BC. He is believed to have had 11 children. Edit

Mummification Edit

He is located in the main valley of the valley of the kings, in tomb KV 1. The exact mummification process is unclear.Edit

Studies Edit

Many studies have been conducted on how he died. CT scans revealed deep throat lacerations all the way through to the bone, as wel as a missing toe that is thought to have been cut of close to death. Through that study it was also found from genetic studies that the man burried with him was his son Pentaweret. Edit

Pathology Edit

No diseases were found.Edit

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