Ramesses V
Human Mummy
File:Ramesses V obelisk Bologna.JPG
Biographical Information
Name(s) Usermaatre Sekheperenre
Age 35
Sex Male
Status King
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) 1147-1143 B.C.
Current Location
Location Cairo, Egypt
Catalog #


Ramesses V was the fourth Pharaoh of the 20th dynasty, He was the son of Queen Duatentopet and Ramesses IV. It is believed that Ramesses V was ruler for four years before his death. Although he only ruled for a short amount of time, it is believed he was dethroned by Ramesses VI. 


Ramsses V face was painted red and his earlobes were greatly stretched out. His eyes and brain were removed and replaced with linen, his nostrils were then plugged with wax. Ramsses V internal organs were removed, and placed back in his abdomen, sawdust was also found in his abdomen.


Ramsses V is considered a very well preserved mummy, he is noted to have been much younger than his predecessor.


Researchers believe that Ramsses cause of death was variola (smallpox), due to small lesions found on his head. He is believed to be one of the earliest cases of variola.

Additional InfoEdit

Ramsses V was found in the tomb of Amenophis II, he resides in the Cairo museum, Egypt.

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