Ramesses was listed as a Emperors and kings. He was famous as Greatest Pharaoh of the Egyptian Empire. He was a famous egyption man. He was born on 1303 BC and died at the age of 90 on 1213 BC. He served as a pharaoh in the 20th dynasty in Egypyt. His father recurited him as a regent by the age of 10 and he learned important tasks during his military sessions at the age of 14.

Mummification/ studies

After several tests liek CT scans were done it h By the age of 10 he also recieved military training. When he turned 14 his father made him the prince of regent. This allowed him to learn kingship and expierences dfor his teen years. ad shown that his throat had a deep cut that served blood vessels, esophagus and trachea. They do not know why this may have happened. His mummified body was burried in a tomb KV7 in a place called the valley of the kings. His body was identified by the hieroglyphics.


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