Ramesses IX
Biographical Information
Name(s) Ramesses IX
Age 50 years at death
Sex Male
Status Unknown
Height Unknown
Culture Unknown
Site Deir el-Bahri cache
Current Location
Location Unknown
Catalog # Unknown


Ramesses IX ruler and king of Egypt, reigned from 1129 – 1111 BC. He was the 8th ruler of the 20th Egyptian dynasty. Son of Mentuherkhepeshef, a son of Ramesses III. Ramesses IX is thus most likely the grandchild of Ramesses III. Ramesses IX throne name of Neferkare Stenpenre, meaning "Beautiful Is The Soul of Re, Chosen of Re."  






Ramesses IX mummy was discovered in Deir el-Bahri cache (DB320), in one of the coffins of Neskhons. Ramesses IX was approximately 50 years old at the time of his passing and burial. He was found with damage to his body including broken limbs as well as a missing nose.

Additional InfoEdit

During Ramesses IX reign, there were several famous tomb robberries of his predecessors as well as some civil unrest. These tomb plunders occurred because Ramesses government failed to pay rations for the mine workers and thus caused the less wealthy to plunder and steal from the tombs.

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