Rameses VIII
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Rameses VIII
Sex Male
Status Seventh Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) Died 1130 BC
Current Location
Location Egypt
Catalog #


Rameses VIII, also known as Ramesses Sethherkhepshef Meryamun, was the seventh Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. He was the last surviving son of Rameses III. Rameses VIII did not last on the throne too long. He only managed to own the thrown for approximately one year.


Rameses VIII had been buried in an extravagant tomb and buried in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. He is one of the many Ancient Egyptian Kings that have yet to be found.


Archaeologists today are still looking for his mummy and it has turned into one of the longest expeditions.


The cause of death is unknown at this point as the mummy of Rameses has not been found.

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