Queen Twosret
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Twosret
Age n.a
Sex Female
Status n.a
Height n.a
Culture n.a
Date(s) n.a
Site n.a
Current Location
Location Egypt
Catalog # Unknown


Queen Twosret is thought to have been a daughter of Merenpta and possibly a daughter of Takhat, thereby making her sister to Amenmesse. The 19th dynasty and period in history was when she was queen who reigned 1187 BC - 1186 BC. She was thought to be the second royal wife of Seti II. There are no known children for Twosret and Seti II. It is believed that Queen Twosret ruled Egypt with the aid of a high ranking, wealthy, courtier known as Chancellor Bay, also called Ramesse Khamenteru. Chancellor Bay was deemed to be a traitor and possibly attempted to usurp the throne, and he was subsequently put to death leaving the queen in a vulnerable position.


Theodore Davis identified the Queen and her husband in a cache of jewelry found in tomb KV56 in the Valley of the Kings. There is no consensus about the nature of this tomb.


Twosret's reign ended in a civil war which is documented in the Elephantine stela of her successor Setnakhte who became the founder of the Twentieth dynasty. It is not known if she was overthrown by Setnakhte or whether she died peacefully in her own reign; if the latter is the case, then a struggle may have ensued among various factions at court for the throne in which Setnakhte emerged victorious. However, Setnakhte and his son Ramesses III described the late 19th dynasty as a time of chaos.


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