Queen Hatshepsut
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Hatshepsut, Hatchepsut
Age 50
Sex female
Status Pharaoh
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) born 1507 BC died 1458, was in power for over 20 of her later years
Current Location
Catalog #


Born the eldest daughter to Thutmose l and Ahmes, Hatshepsut became queen of Egypt at the age of 12 following the death of her father and marriage to her half brother. Queen Hatshepsut ruled over the 18th Dynasty of Egypt along side her husband King Thutmose II, as his queen. After the early death of her husband, Hatshesput shared the throne with her stepson, Thutmose lll. Due to the unusual nature of her reign, Hatshepsut engaged in numerous building project - specifically near Thebes. Following her death, her stepson attempted to remove all evidence of her reign.

Queen Hatshepsut is known to be one of the greatest pharaohs of all time, due to her major success of Trade Networking, specifically Land of Punt. ( Joyce Tyldesley, Hatshepsut: The Female Pharaoh, 137-144)


Discovered in 2007, in tomb KV60 in the vally of the kings was the identified body of Queen Hatshepsut. this was the first royal find since Tutankhamen in 1922. scientist found that Hatshepsut was a 50 year old fat women who would have been balding by the end of her life. we assume that because of her power over regions north and south of the Nile River, she ate extremly well in large quantities. scientist agree that her death would have been caused by modern day Diabetes. ( F,B. (2007). Mummy Reveals Egyptian Queen was fat)


Queen Hatshepsut is the longest reigning female pharaoh in Kemet, ruling for more than 20 years and changed the way of ruleing as she was more interested on enhancing ecomic struture than concoring more land. ( 15 Things You Did Not Know About Queen/Pharaoh Hatshepsut.(n.d))


Queen Hatshepsut was a very powerful woman who was extremly privilaged when it came to eat large amounts of food - at the age of 50 she was expected to die from Diabetes.

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