Queen Ankhesenamun
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Ankhesenamun
Age 26 (at death)
Sex Female
Status Married
Height Unknown
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) Born: 1348 BCE, Death: 1322 BCE
Site KV21 or KV63 (Unknown)
Current Location
Location Valley of Kings, Egypt
Catalog #


Occupation: Queen Consort (Great Royal Wife) of Egypt During the 18th Dynasty of the Egyptian Empire

Religion: Ancient Egyptian Religion


King Tuthankhamun (Second Spouse & Half Brother/Cousin)

King Akhenaten (First Spouse & Father to both Tuthankhamun and Ankhesenamun (Third Daughter)

Ay ( Third Spouse & Grandfather/Great Uncle)

Nefertiti (Mother to Ank.)

The Younger Lady (Mother in Law)

Two still born daughters (Speculation)


Ankhesenamun's excavation site is not verified as there is speculation so far that she is either one of the mummy's found in Tomb KV21 located in the Valley of Kings in Egypt, or that she was originally in tomb KV63 located in the necropolis (large cemetry) of the Valley of Kings, Egypt, although no mummy has been found.

Therefore as it is still not verified where she was buried, there is a possibility that her tomb has not yet been found.


The tomb in KV63 is speculated to be for Ankhesenamun due to its proximity to Tuthankhamun's tomb in KV62. The tomb had a coffin with women imprints, clothing, jewelry etc. and fragments indicating the partial name Paaten, which was the latter half of her born name, and no other royal family member has bore this name. Despite this, no mummies have been found.

Not enough DNA has been found to verify that Ankhesenamun is the biological mother of Tuthankhamun's two still born daughters, although it is implied as she is his only wife in historical records


There is speculation that Ankhesenamun had a goiter 

Link to the reflection of the study:

Additional InfoEdit

If the KV21 mummy is Ankhesenamun then the KV55 mummy cannot be Akhenaten.

Ankhesenamun and Tuthankhamun rose to the throne at a very early age.

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