Qilakitsoq Mummy
Six-month old boy
Six-month old boy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Unknown
Age Six-months
Sex Boy
Status Unknown
Height Unknown
Culture Unknown
Date(s) 1972
Site Qilakitsoq on Nuussuaq Peninsula, on the shore of Uummannaq Fjord in northwestern Greenland
Current Location
Location Nuussuaq Peninsula, Greenland
Catalog # Unknown


Qilakitsoq was formally known as a settlement to many. Since then it is famously known for being the burial site of eight bodies that had been mummifies, which were discovered in 1972.


During 1972, the discovery of eight mummified bodies were located in an icy tomb which has been dated to AD 1975. There were two graves located, in the first there were six women stacked, a boy, and a well preserved six-month baby boy found on the top of the pile. Discovered in the second grave was a pile of three women. Both graves were covered in stones. Out of the eight bodies, half were freeze dried and buried under a cold in cold temperatures, thus they were well preserved.

The discovery of the graves in 1972 was done by two brother, who were out hunting. Out of curiosity one brother picked up one of the stones; after picking up a few more they discovered the bodies.They were shocked and decided to cover the graves back up, and decided to go get the attention of authority figures.

In 1977 the authorities finally investigated the site. They discovered that five out of six adult females had very faint tattoos located on their face; along with realizing the boy mummy displayed features that relate to Down syndrome.Along with the bodies they discovered pieces of clothing, 78 pieces to be exact. The clothing pieces were made from reindeer, seal, and other various skins.


DNA testing showed that there was a family connection between all eight of the mummified bodies found.

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