Princess nishushu
Name: Princess Nishushu

Age: died at age of 25

Sex: Female

Status: Conservation of the mummy is currently underway

Height: N/A

Culture: Egyptian

Dates: 300 BC to 100 BC

Site: Hyderabad

Location: Andhra Pradesh State Museum in Hyderabad

Biography: Was found in 1920 and donated to the museum. It was found that any damage the mummy had experienced was due to humidy. Also found that some parts of the brain were still in tact including her bones, skull and teeth. (Sanyal 2016)

Mummifcation: Princess Nishushu has been placed in a case free of oxygen to avoid infestation of bacteria, insects and avoid humidity. (Sanyal 2016)

Studies/Pathology: According to the Director of the museam the mummy was placed under a CT scan which revealed damaged ribs and a slight dislocation of the spine and ankle. The brain is usually taken out through the nasal hole however this mummy had some parts of the brain still in tact. (Sanyal 2016)

Additional Info: The museum stated that after some remedial procedures and possible restoration of the cartonnage the mummy will be on display in a special showcase (Sanyal 2016)


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