Nany was theorized to be King Pinudjem I's daughter. Nany is the mistress of the house and a Chantress of Amun. Nany was described as being extraordinarily fat and short at 4'10". She was was estimated to be about 70 years of age when she died. In the 21st dynasty when Nany died, Egypt was suffering economically due to its loss of territories which contained natural resources that they where dependant on. In response they rampantly looted tombs. Nany's tomb was looted and soon restored afterwards.


Nany was unwrapped by Winlock in Winter 1929/1930 and examined by Dr. Douglas Derry and Winlock. Nany was buried in a tomb that had been carved in the early XVIII dynasty for Queen Merytamen who was the great royal wife and sister of Amenhetep I. The tomb has been accessed during the 21st dynasty under Pinudjem I for restoration since it had been looted. Nany's tomb was abandoned and looted in the corridoor of tomb 65. During the burial party for Nany gold was ripped off of the princesses coffin leaving it scattered in the hallway of the tomb. Nany's mummy was prepared with attention focused on aesthetic appeal. Nany's hair was dyed by the embalmers, padding was stuffed under her skin to create a lifelike appearance, particularly in her face. Nany's face was also painted to restore a more colourful appearance to the corpse.


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