Princess Ahmose Meryet Amon
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Ahmose Meryet Amon
Age 40
Sex Female
Status Princess
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) 1580 - 1550 BC
Site Deir-el-Bahri royal mortuary temple
Current Location
Location Egyptian Museum in Cairo
Catalog #



Ahmose Meryet Amon was an Egyptian princess who lived in Thebes between 1580 and 1550 BC. She is now known to be the first person in human history with diagnosed coronary artery disease (European Society of Cardiology, 2011)


She was entombed in the Deir-el-Bahri royal mortuary temple. The temple is located on the west side of the nile, opposite to the city of Luxor. She can now be found at the Egyption Museum in Cairo (National Geographic News, 2011) 



Ahmose during CT scan

She is one of many mummies that are being scanned as part of a study of ancient disease. Her scan showed Coronary athersclerosis. (National Geaographic News, 2011)


Doctors today suggest that she may have lived longer if she had a healthier diet and excerise. A CT Scan showed that she suffered from coronary athersclerosis. This could've lead to a heart attack or stroke. (National Geographic News, 2011)

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Egyptian princess now known to be the first person in history with diagnosed coronary artery disease. (2011, May 17). Retrievd Febuaray 01, 2016, from  National Geographic News, J. O. (2011, April 15). Egyptian Princess Mummy Had Oldest Known Heart Disease. Retrieved February 01, 2016, from

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