Biography Edit

John Morgan was convicted for murdering his girlfriend, Polly Pastori, and her mummified remains were found in a trunk, in New Orleans. The 39 year old, Polly Pastori went missing in 2002, and though the body was discovered in 2005, Hurricane Katrina delayed the investigation and the trial a few years back.

Mummification Edit

John Morgan left her body in the trunk of his car for over 3 years.

Pathology Edit

According to the Coroner, Polly was strangled with her curling iron cord and then dragged to a wooden trunk.

Additional Information Edit

John murdered Polly when he was still living in his French Quarter apartment and then moved to a new apartment shortly after with a new girlfriend. However, Polly's body still remained in the car. In a videotaped interview, John admitted to keeping Polly's body in the trunk but not killing her. Though, John Morgan was found guilty of second degree murder, and was given a full life sentence in prison with no parole.

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