Piraino 1
Human Mummy
Piraino 1
Piraino 1 under examination
Biographical Information
Name(s) Piraino 1
Age 35-50
Sex Male
Status Mummy of religious significance
Date(s) Late 18th to mid 19th century
Site Piraino Mother Church in the village of Piraino
Current Location
Location Messina, Sicily
Catalog #


Piraino was an unidentified adult male and was buried in the crypts of the church, suggesting he was a significant religious figure. He died at the approximate age of 35 to 50 years old due to multiple myleoma in conjunction with other pathologies.


Piraino 1 was of 26 Religious Dignitaries mummified through the result of a local funeral custom. This involves draining the body in a ventilated chamber and stuffed with straw of bay leaves in order to preserve shapeliness and smell. The mummy was the exposed to drying conditions. These mummies were then placed in a crypt in the local church.



Through radiology, Piraino 1 was shown to have multiple myeloma, a cancer of the white blood cell. In addition, milkwort spores were found which is a known herbal cancer treatment common in China and Turkey. Piraino 1 was also found to have whipworm infection discovered through coprolite analysis. This infection was common among the lower social class, however his multiple myeloma made him more susceptible to whipworm infection.

Piraino 1 was also found to have enamel hypoplasia suggesting he experienced disease of famine early in life. Plural adhesions which was likely stemmed from healed lung conditions such as pneumonia.

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Piombino-Mascali, D., Zink, A. R., Reinhard, K. J., Lein, M., Panzer, S., Aufderheide, A. C., ... & LeRoy-Toren, S. (2013). Dietary analysis of Piraino 1, Sicily, Italy: the role of archaeopalynology in forensic science. Journal of Archaeological Science, 40(4), 1935-1945.

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