Peruvian Woman Mummy
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) No name given
Age 40-50 years old
Sex Female
Status Important Social Status
Culture Ancient Peruvian
Date(s) ~2500BC
Site 14 Miles from Caral, Peru
Current Location
Location unknown
Catalog #

Biography: This woman lived around 2500 in what is now Peru. She is believed to have been from high class given the artifacts that she was buried with, those being carved brooches of monkeys and birds, a shell-beaded necklace and a pot with vegetable fragments and seeds.Edit

Mummification: Type unlisted.Edit


Pathology: None to be mentioned.Edit

Additional Info: It is unknown what caused the death of the woman. Also, her remains revealed that even 4500 years ago, women could obtain high social status.Edit

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