Pedro Mountains Mummy
Human Mummy
File:Https:// San Pedro Mountain Mummy.jpg
Biographical Information
Name(s) San Pedro Mountains Mummies
Age 16-65
Sex Male
Status n/a
Height 6.5 inches sitting, estimated 14 inches standing
Culture American
Date(s) Discovered: June 1934
Site San Pedro Mountains
Current Location
Location Wyoming, USA
Catalog #


In 1934, two gold diggers in San Pedro made a discovery of the well preserved human remains. Due to the fact that local Native tribes told stories of "little people" some of which possessed great powers, there was a great deal of controversy raised.


Pedro was extremely well preserved in a man cave like object which appeared to be filled with fluid. He still had a full set of teeth and all of his fingernails were still intact. He also appeared to have a gelatine-like substance on his head.


At first, scientists and anthropologists believed that Pedro was an infant. However a second set of scientists performed x-rays and found sharp teeth and food in the stomach (most likely meat), which is why the conclusion that he is 16-65 years old was formed. It was also apparent that Pedro suffered a violent death as the x-rays also revealed broken bones, a broken spine, and a damaged skull.


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