Oslo Found Mummies
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Age 600-2500 Years Old
Sex Male
Status Deceased
Height Varying
Culture Chilean
Site Oslo University
Current Location
Location Oslo, Norway
Catalog #


The Oslo Found Mummies are four mummified bodies found in Oslo, Norways Ethnographic Museum Warehouse. The bodies were discovered to have been shipped to the museum in the 1930's by Norweigan emigrant Gunnar Nergaard. After emigrating to Chile in the 1930's Nergaard came into posession of the mummified bodies and shipped them back to Oslo's Norwegian Ethnographic Museum. The four mummies vary in age from 600 years old to 2500 years old.


Though so far unknown the most likely mummification technique used would have been ancient Chinchorro natural mummification techniques. This is achieved through the soil make up of northern Chile, with soil that is rich in nitrates and salts that help preserve the body. the hot dry conditions help to ensure the drying and mummification process.


The found Oslo Mummies are currently being studied at the Oslo University before being sent back to Chile.


Additional Info Edit


3 of the 4 mummified bodies.

Found in 2015, these mummies were not well known and did not recieve a wide amount of press.

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