Biographical Information
Name(s) Nedjmet
Sex Female
Status Deceased
Date(s) Died around 1064 BCE
Site Deir El-Bahari, Egypt
Current Location
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Nodjmet was an ancient Egyptian noble lady of the late 20th-early 21st dynasties of Egypt, mainly known for being the wife of High Priest of Amun at Thebes, Herihor.


Nodjmet may have been a daughter of the last ramesside pharaoh, Ramesses XI, and likely even Piankh's wife. Early in her life, she held titles such as Lady of the House and Chief of the Harem of Amun.Nodjmet had several children with her first husband Piankh: Heqanefer, Heqamaat, Ankhefenmut, Faienmut (a female) and, the most famous of all, the future High Priest of Amun/Pharaoh Pinedjem I. When around 1070 BCE Piankh died, Herihor was proposed as his successor; Nodjmet, however, managed to keep her prerogatives marrying this man.Later, Herihor claimed “kingship” – although only inside the borders of the Temple of Amun at Karnak – Nodjmet effectively became his “queen”.

Mummification Edit

Nodjmet was one of the first mummies discovered at the Deir el-Bahari cache (TT320) in the 19th century. The body is that of an old woman. She had been embalmed with a new mummification technique which involved the use of fake eyes and the packing of the limbs. The fake eyes were constructed out of black and white stones, in order to give the mummy a more life-like appearance. Her limbs and face were also coloured to show appearance of liveliness. Although Nodjmet was an old woman, a wig and false eyebrows (made out of human hair) were placed to achieve a look of youthfulness.

With her mummy two Books of the Dead were found. One of them, Papyrus BM 10490, now in the British museum, belonged to “the King’s Mother Nodjmet, the daughter of the King’s Mother Hrere”. Whereas the name of Nodjmet was written in a cartouche, the name of Hrere was not. This papyrus also depicts Nodjmet's relationship with Herihor. it shows a scene of Nodjmet and Herihor making an offering to Isis, Osiris, and the four sons of Horus.



Additional InfoEdit

The body of Nodjmet's late husband Herihor was not found in the Deir el-Bahari cache. It has yet to be found.

Nodjmet's body was disturbed in the modern times. She has gashes on her forehead, nose, and cheeks from when thieves searched her body for valuables. The impression of jewlery on her right arm indicates that some valuables were stolen.

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