Nicolaus Rungius
Human Mummy
File:Https:// va kirkko sisätilat Rungius hauta.jpg/1280px-Keminmaa va kirkko sisätilat Rungius hauta.jpg
Biographical Information
Name(s) Nicolaus Rungius
Age 69
Sex Male
Culture Finnish
Date(s) 1560-1629
Current Location
Location Keminmaa, Finland
Catalog #

Biography Edit

Rungius was born in Loimaa. He worked as a chaplain in churches. Rungius served as vicar during the Thirty Years' War and died in 1629. As was the custom at the time, he was buried underneath the church floor.


Rungius's reputation grew when his body, which had been mummified instead of decomposing, was found underneath the church floor during the Greater Wrath in the early 18th century. 

The special thing about Rungius's body is that it has not been intentionally protected from decomposition, but it has naturally dried up underneath the church floor.


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