Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Nesyamun (The Leeds Mummy)
Age Approximately 45
Sex Male
Status NA
Height NA
Culture Ancient Egyptian Religion
Date(s) 1100 BC
Site reign of Ramesses XI
Current Location
Location Leeds City Museum
Catalog # NA


Nesyamun otherwise known as The Leeds Mummy, and his coffins are amongst the best researched of their kind. Nesyamun was a priest, incense-bearer and scribe at the ancient Egyptian temple complex at Karnak and died over 3,000 years ago, around 1100 BC.

Mummification Edit

He was buried in this coffin, covered in spices and wrapped in 40 layers of linen bandages. The coffin was painted with hieroglyphic words from the Book of the Dead, which contain prayers for his safe passage to the afterlife.

Studies Edit

Nesyamun has been examined by scientists a number of times. Study into the diseases he

Additional Info Edit

We do not know how Nesyamun died. He is a very unique mummy because his mouth is open and his tongue sticking out. Usually embalmers would not leave the mouth of a mummy open. This might give us a clue about his death.



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