The Egyptian Priest, Nesshou
Biographical Information
Name(s) Nesshou, Nes-Shou, Nes-Shu
Age 50 (when died)
Sex Male
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) 331-30 B.C.
Current Location
Location Yverdon: The Local History Museum
Catalog #
100 2536


Nesshou was an Egyptian priest who worshipped a fertility god. He died around they age of 50.


The Nesshou Mummy had been wrapped with papers from the "Book of the Dead" (papyrus), with 14 amulets underneath bandages. 4 Amulets were removed after an examination and 10 still remain. He was donated to the museum in 1896 by Edmund Simond-Bey.


This mummy was by examined by Frank J. Rühli and Thomas Böni from the “Swiss Mummy Project.” The revealed Nesshou's age at death, proving that he was the oldest ancient Egyptian from Switzerland.


Evidence of osteoarthritis was found in Nesshou's mummy, meaning that he suffered from pain in his right shoulder. Arteriosclerosis was also found in both legs.

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