Nesitanebetashrua A
Human Mummy
File:Nesitanebetashrua A.png
Biographical Information
Name(s) Nesitanebetashrua A
Age From 21st Egyptian Dynasty
Sex Female
Status Priestess
Height N/A
Culture Ancient Egypt
Date(s) 21st Dynasty
Site N/A
Current Location
Location N/A
Catalog #


Nesitanebetashrua A was from ancient Egypt, part of the 21st dynasty. When found, inscriptions on her coffin indicated she was a priestess, also indicating that she was of high status.


She was painted with yellow ochre which was common of 21st dynasty mummies. Mummified with high quality embalming due to her high status.


She was published in a catalogue called "The Royal Mummies" by British Egyptologist Grafton Elliot Smith.


No information on illness or disease.

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