Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Nerfertiti
Age 3300 years old
Sex Female
Status Queen of Egypt during it's 18th dynasty
Height Unknown
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) ~
Site Unknown
Current Location
Location Unknown
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Biography Edit

Nefertiti is a confirmed historical queen and mother of six during Egypt's 18th dynasty, which reigned around 1300 B.C. There is much evidence and support to confirm her existence. Further information on her past life is yet to be discovered as the greatest piece of factual information has yet to be discovered. The tomb carrying her body has not been found to this day. The cause of death and role in life have yet to be identified.

Despite the lack of evidence, there are some who speculate that Queen Nefertiti has already been discovered. Though only theories and speculation continue to surround the actual mummy of the Queen.

Mummification Edit

As previously stated, factual evidence for the Queen's mummification has yet to be confirmed without the physical body found. Though, because of her royal status and existing understanding on how royalty has been mummified, inferences can be made about her specific mummification. According to tradition, priests would remove her organs and wash the body with a solution of natron, a substance similar to modern day baking soda. Packets of linen, resin, and natron in the body cavities and anointed the body with. A wrap of resin-soaked layer of linen would have be the final step before placing the queen in an antimicrobial shroud.  

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