Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Nekht-Ankh
Age 60
Sex male
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) 12th Dynasty (c.1985-1773 BC)
Current Location
Catalog #
Body coffin of Khnum Nakht


The tomb of Nekht-Ankh was found along with his brother Khnum-Nakht who come from 12th Dynasty (c.1985-1773 BC) both from Middle Egypt.

The engravings on the coffin of his brother, Khnum-Nakht tell us that he was a 'Great Waab-priest' of the local god Khnum and both his father and grandfather bore the title of local mayor however the inscriptions for Nekht-Ankh are rather different. He is said to be the son of a local major but however, both the brothers had the same mother.


Unlike his brother, Nekht-Ankh's body was kept in better condition although the body had fallen to pieces before the unwrapping. However the bones were intact with each other and in the correct positions along with the nails, fingers and toes that were wrapped so they wouldn't be lost during the mummification process.


Upon further study of the mummy it was found that he had suffered from pleurisy, as well as sand pneumoconiosis which could be the reason for his death.

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