Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Nebiri
Age 45+
Sex Male
Status Elite
Height Unknown
Culture Ancient Egypt
Date(s) 1484 BCE
Site Valley of the Queens
Current Location
Location Luxor, Egypt
Catalog #


This mummy was found by Egyptologist Ernesto Schiaparelli in 1904 in a looted tomb in the Valley of the Queens, Luxor. Unfortunately, the only parts of the mummy remaining are the head and several internal organs in canonic jars.


The head was left almost completely unwrapped, but is still in very good condition. Most of the brain was removed during mummification, and the skull and face were stuffed with linen. The organs were placed in canonic jars.



Additional InfoEdit

The mummy of Nebiri is the earliest mummy to show signs of decompensated heart failure.

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