Nehmes Bastet Egyptian Mummy
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Nehmes Bastet
Age Unknown
Sex Female
Status Temple Singer
Height Unknown
Culture Ancient Egyptian
Date(s) 22nd Dynasty
Site Unknown
Current Location
Location Ancient Egypt
Catalog # Unknown


Nehmes Bastet was a temple singer in Ancient Egypt. She lived during Egypt's 22nd Dynasty and based upon inscriptions in her tomb archaeologists believe she lived approximately 945 – 712 BC. Her tomb was discovered in the Valley of Kings in 2012 by a team from University of Basel in Switzerland. Nehmes was the daughter of the high priest of Amun. The upper edge of the tomb was found on 25 January 2011. The discovery of her tomb was shocking because it was the first time a tomb in the Valley of the Kings had been discovered containing a woman that wasn’t in some way related to royalty.


The archaeologists who accidentally discovered the tomb in 2012 found a coffin with an intact mummy from about 3,000 years ago.



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Eddy, M. (2012, January 16). Archaeologists Uncover Ancient Tomb of Female Singer in Egypt, First Non-Royal Female. Retrieved March 09, 2017.

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