Nazca Mummies
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Nazca Mummies
Age The cemetery dates from around 1,000 AD (Wikipedia, 2016)
Sex Unknown
Status Unknown
Height Unknown
Culture Nazca
Date(s) 200-1,000 AD (Wikipedia, 2016)
Site Chuachilla Cemetery
Current Location
Location Peru
Catalog #


This specific mummy is positioned cross-legged and was placed this way after death to face the rising sun (Scribol, 2017). This cemetery contains “prehispanic mummified human remains” and is located 30 kilometres south of the city of Nazca, Peru (Wikipedia, 2016).

What remains of the cemetery is an incomplete image, as the graves have been ravaged by grave robbers who have left bones and pottery scattered. This is not an isolated incident, as similar local cemeteries have also been damaged. (Wikipedia, 2016).


The preservation of multiple bodies is due to environment in which the bodies were buried. The acrid desert environment coupled with the culture's burial rites preserved the bodies and created mummies (Scribol, 2017). An example of one burial ritual was the coating of skin with a resin, “which is believed to have kept insects away and slowed down the effects of bacteria” (Scribol, 2017).



Additional InfoEdit


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