Myeong-jeong Yi
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Myeong-jeong Yi
Age (1504-1565) 61 years old
Sex male
Status belonged to the ancestors of Goseong Yi
Height Unknown
Culture Ancient Korean
Date(s) Joseon Dynasty (A.D 1392-1910)
Current Location
Location Andong City, South Korea
Catalog #

Biography Edit

Myeong-jeong Yi was born in 1504 in Ancient Korea Edit


Myeong-jeong Yi was embaled in a tomb along side his wife Ms. Mun and over 75 artifacts including 18 letters, clothing (such as hats, socks and shoes) and a small skin pouch. Being mummified along side these artifacts was a common Ancient Korean practice. Edit



Myeong-jeong Yi cause of death is still unknown Edit

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References Edit

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