Mutemmenu Mummy
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Mutemmenu
Age 20 years old
Sex Male
Status High status family
Height 170 centimeters (5ft 6)
Culture Ancient Egypt
Date(s) 2nd century AD (Egypt under Roman rule)
Current Location
Catalog #


Arrived at the British Museum in 1835 in a woman's coffin, wearing a pink skirt and appeared to have breasts. For decades, experts described the mummy as a "dancing woman." Although the embalmer drawn a beard on the mummy's face which was later X-rayed and CT scanned to confirm that it was indeed a adult male body. Padding was added to the thighs and chest to most likely recreate an accurate appearance of the person, which was a fat man.


Mummy was wrapped with a leather belt, linen straps on body, short skirt or kilt - was once pink - and was in a wooden coffin marked with a women's name "Mutemmenu." Arms, legs, fingers, and toes were separately wrapped rather than the whole body being cocooned in a material. Was carefully treated because it was from a high status family. There is a gold leaf on the body which was believed in the ancient Egyptian times that gods has golden skin so it may have been to make the dead person god-like.



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