Murray The Mummy is one of Dracula's oldest friends, in the film Hotel Transylvania. Voiced by Cee Lo Green in Hotel Tanslyvania and Keegan-Micheal Key in Hotel Translyvania 2, Murray spends most of his time cracking jokes and humouring other visitors to Dracula's hotel. He also goes by the name, Talking Toliet Paper, as said by Vlad, Dracula's Father.

Murray full body


He helps Dracula raise his daughter as well as assists the family in overcoming the multiple obstacles they must overcome in each film.



Murray is good spirited, comical, friendly, and loves a good party. Dislikes humans. Has the power to manipulate sand, often seen as he makes sand dunes at the front of Dracula's hotel. 


Murray has a crush on the female mummy. He tries to prusue this, however is turned down each time. His friends consists of Wayne the werewolf, Dracula, Frankenstien, and Griffin the invisible man.


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