St. Bursa
Biographical Information
Name(s) Saint Nicola Bursa
Age 507
Sex Female
Status Saint
Culture Croatian
Date(s) 15th Century
Site St. Blaise (Svt, Blaze) church
Current Location
Location Vodnjan, Croatia
Catalog #

This mummy is known as the mummy of St. Blaise. St Blaise is the largest church found in Vodnjan, Croatia that was built in the 1760s. The mummy is thought to be Saint Nicolosa Bursa. She was also found with two other mummies and many other artifacts and relics. She lies in a wooden coffin still in the back of the church where tourists can go see her.


She dies on April 24, 1512, the day she actually predicted she would die. She was born in Koper, Croatian and was a nun in Venice her whole life. She was very competent and holy and her life was filled with good works and prayer.


The church is believed to have magical powers. St. Bursa was left in the open air for 163 years and still did not decompose. Not mummification rituals were used but the locals believe that she was meant to stay this way to look over them and protect them from further wars. Her clothes were fully intact, but may teeth and nails were missing. She is said to be the best preserved corpse in Europe.


A CT scan was performed in 2009 and showed that her inner organs were still mostly intact.


Additional InfoEdit

Bioenergy healers have proved that the body of Nicolosa Bursa emits a 32-meter bioenergy circle. It is also said that there have been 50 miraculous healings in the body's close proximity. She is believed to be a miracle to the town.

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