Mummy of a Scythian warrior
Biographical Information
Name(s) No actual name; referred to as Scythian warrior
Age 30-40
Sex Male
Status A warrior believed to be of nobility
Height Unknown
Culture Scythian
Date(s) 2,500 years old
Site Area of the Altai Mountains at an altitude of 2,600 meters
Current Location
Location Altai Mountains, Mongolia
Catalog # Unknown

Biography: Not much is known about the mummy's life, only that it was a male warrior from the Scythian culture. It is believed he died between 30-40 years of age. His cause of death is not fully determined.  

Mummification: The mummy is in very good condition. It is believed that is was buried fully dressed. The mummy wore a thick fur coat made of fur from a sheep's wool lining. Traces of woven wool pants were found. The feet of the man were covered with knee-high boots. The mummy was buried with two horses, since two carcasses were found alongside the mummy.   

Studies: Scientists hope the mummy can help them learn more about the nutrition and health of ancient humans.  

Pathology: It is unknown at the moment what the health condition of the mummy was while he was alive.  

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