Mummy Juanita
Biographical Information
Name(s) Mummy Juanita
Age 12-15 years old
Sex Female
Height N/A
Culture N/A
Date(s) Around 1450-1480 B.C
Site Mount Ampato
Current Location
Location Peru
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Also known as Inca Ice Maiden. She is a well preserved frozen body of a Inca girl who was found in Peru. She was approximately 11-15 years old. This occurred around 1450-1480 B.C. She was discovered by anthropologist John Reinhard in 1995. She was found with many artifacts including bowls, pins, figurines.


The anthropologist realized that her body mass increased due to being frozen when him and his partner were struggling to carry the bundle. Juanita was naturally mummified instead of being artificially mummified. Her skin, organs, hair, tissues, blood, and stomach content were extremely well preserved. This preservation gave anthropologists a good insight in the Inca culture during the time she was alive.


Juanita suffered from a lung infection before she died, Although pathology showed she died from blunt trauma to the head. Juanita was wrapped in brightly coloured cloths. Her clothes were considered expensive for her culture. This shows that she may have came from a wealthy family.


The studies concluded that she died from blunt trauma to the head. The blow caused her brain to hemorrhage. An analysis of her stomach content concluded that she ate a meal of vegetables a few hours before her death.

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According to genetic analysis, the closest kin they could locate in 1996 was the Ngobe people of Panama.

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