Mummy Human Body
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s)  Apo Annu
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Status Tribal leader in the Benguet province
Height Unknown
Culture Philippines; Filipino Culture
Date(s) 500 years ago 
Site Bangao Cave; Kabayan
Current Location
Location   of Kabayan in Benguet, Mountain Province
Catalog #


Apo Annu was the tribal leader/chief within the Kabayan in Benguet.Located within the mountain caves of Benguet. It was known that he was the tribal leader of his village. It was known that he was fully coved in tribal tattoos. Years later, his mummy was stolen from its caves but later returned near a village close by. 


It was known that they buried people of importance with headpieces and jewels. However, it was known that instead of wrapping the bodies with wrap, they place the mummies into wooden coffins while in a baby fetus position. Then taken up the mountain and places within the caves with 20+ other bodies.


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