Mummified Monk Wuxia
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Monk Wuxia
Age 124
Sex Male
Status Buddhist mummy
Height Unknown
Culture Buddhism
Date(s) 1623
Site Unknown
Current Location
Location Mount Jiuhua
Catalog #


Wuxia (1499-1623), also known as Monk Haiyu, one of the most famous Buddhist mummies in Mont Jiuhua, China. He was born in Beijing, China in 1499. He traveled in China and copied Avatamsaka Sutra while practicing Buddhism. The Chongzhen Emperor of Ming dynasty honorific as Yingshen Budda.


The mummification of Monk Wuxia is not demonstrated yet. died in 1623, and his body is covered with gold to separate the body from the external environment.


There are no studies about Monk Wuxia.


Buddhism believes that Monk Wuxia died and the body of him is called a relic. But the pathology of Wuxia monk is not studied.

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