Mummies of Venzone
Human Mummy
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Culture Italian
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Location Venzone, Italy
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The mummies of Venzone are a number of mummies found in Venzone, Italy, in the 1600s. Several of the bodies were discovered buried beneat the town’s cathedral starting in the 1600s. The bodies hadn’t decomposed normally. Instead they were somehow preserved from decay, their basic features mostly in tact decades after death. In 1845, the mummies of Venzone have been moved from the Cathedral Crypt to the Upper Chapel and, after the earthquake in 1976, only 15 bodies of 21 were extracted almost intact from the ruins of the Rotunda of Saint Michael.


They were mummified by natural processes, and, while such mummies exist elsewhere, the cause of the Venzone mummies' preservation in particular still remains a mystery.


In recent years, scientists have been able to place the blame of this mummification on Hypha tombicina.It is done by rapidly dehydrating the bodies before they can begin to decompose. However, there is some doubt that the Hypha parasite is the true cause. Some scientists suppsed the limestone present in the surrounding earth.

Additional Info Edit

The Mummies of Venzone, five bodies are now visible and are kept in the Crypt of the Cemetery Chapel of Saint Michael located in S. Andrea Apostolo Cathedral churchyard.


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