Mummies of Vac, Hungary
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Vac Hungarian Mummies
Age ~300 years old
Sex Unknown
Status Unknown
Height Unknown
Culture Hungarian
Date(s) discovered in 1994
Site Unknown
Current Location
Location Vac, Hungary
Catalog #


Two hundred and sixty five mummies were uncovered during the reconstruction of an old Hungarian church, situated ~40 km north of Budapest. These mummies were found with nearly all of their wrappings still intact, and their coffins still in pristine condition. Each coffin was individually painted with things that may have indicated a part of the person's past life, such flowers, Bible verses, crucifixes, etc. They are painted with bright colours, and many depict what their past occupation with drawings such as a mining axe, and scythes. From the coffins, it was found that within the crypt there were three nuns, thirty priests, and surgeons among other professions.


The mummification of these bodies was accidental, as they were preserved due to the climate within the crypt.

Additional InfoEdit

About 70% of the mummies show traces of tuberculous in their bacteria, and many are shown to have recovered from the disease. Their bacteria is currently being tested to try to find a cure for modern cases of TB.


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