Mrs. Tran Thi Hieu was a female Vietnamese Aristocrat who died around the age of 60 years old. Vietnamese archaeologists discovered her mummy in 1994 they were amazed at how well preserved her body was. Her coffin included objects like rings, a Buddhist necklace and bracelets, pieces of silk, leather shoes and other precious stones. This female mummy was well preserved due to her high ranking as part of the Nguyen Dynasty. She was honoured with beautiful objects and precious gifts.


Her tomb was built using a coral powder including quicklime, sand, treacle and active coal. Mrs. Tran Thi Hieu was rolled in many cloth layers and in a reddish brown solution. She was well preserved due to her coffin being covered in layers of paint which protected her remains and stopped water from being absorbed. Within the layers of cloth a silk piece was found noting who the mummy was and more information about her life.


After the remains were found the mummy was transported to the Ho Chi Minh Cirt Medical University's Hospital for for further research about the mummy's life. She then was brought to the Vietnam History Museum for preservation and display to the public.


There was no exact cause of death stated in the findings.

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