Momia Juanita

The Human Mummy

Biographical Information
Name(s) Momia Juanita
Age ~15 years old
Sex Female
Status unknown
Height 1.40 meters
Culture Inca
Date(s) 1450-1480
Site Mount Ampato
Current Location
Location Arequipa, Peru
Catalog #


Momia Juanita ("Mummy Juanita"), otherwise called the Inca Ice Maiden and Lady of Ampato, is the frozen body of an Inca young lady who was killed as an offering to the Inca divine beings at some point in the vicinity of 1450 and 1480 when she was roughly 15 years of age. She was found on Mount Ampato in southern Peru in 1995 by anthropologist Johan Reinhard and his colleague, Miguel Zárate. Reinhard and Zárate found a package inside the crater that had tumbled from an Inca site on the summit. To their surprise, the package ended up containing the solidified body of a young lady. They likewise discovered numerous things that had been left as offerings to the Inca divine beings scatter about the mountain side where the body had fallen; these included statues and nourishment things. Two or after three days, the body and the items were moved to Arequipa, where the body was at first kept in a special icebox at Catholic University.


The struggle to lift the heavy bundle containing Juanita's body on Ampato's summit raised many questions to why the mass was so large. This brought the realization that her body mass had probably been increased by freezing of the flesh. When first weighed in Arequipa, the package containing "Juanita" weighed more than 90 pounds (40.82 kilos). Their acknowledgment ended up being right; Juanita was completely frozen, making her a significant logical find. Like just a couple of other high-height Inca mummies, Juanita was discovered frozen and in this way her remaining parts and pieces of clothing were not parched like that of mummies found in different parts of the world. She was actually embalmed, rather than being falsely preserved, for example, the situation with Egyptian mummies. Her skin, organs, tissues, blood, hair, stomach substance and articles of clothing were in great condition, offering researchers an uncommon look into Inca culture amid the rule of the Sapa Inca Pachacuti.

The concluded reason for her death is that she was executed by a blunt injury to the head, as though she had been hit with a baseball bat. This caused her brain to haemorrhage which then filled her skull with blood, pushing her brain to the side of her skull. Her age was affirmed by the logical dating technique of dental analysis. Being in such great condition, her teeth could be analyzed and which indicated she was 13-15 years of age. This is the typical age for the Incan sacrifices.


The researchers of Maryland's Institute for Genomic Research performed lab tests on Juanita's body and could recoup the heart tissues of the young lady. These tests served to recognize her DNA and contrast it and the Human Genome Project. The results showed that Juanita had a close association with the Ngoge tribe of Panama and with old Taiwanese and Korean races. Amid five years, those included in the Human Genome Project had incorporated examples of blood of each country of Earth, assigning the gatherings of DNA geologically.


Additional InfoEdit

She was given an alcoholic drink to calm her whist strolling up the mountain. They thought it would ease her pain. In the discovering of finding her body, 17 other children were found.

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