{{Template:Infobox humanmummy

|image = 1456770500942.jpg

|name = Manfred Fritz Bajorat

|age = 59

|sex = Male

|status = Sailor

|height = Unknown

|culture = German

|dates = Body Found: Feb 26th 2016

|site = Philippine Sea, 100km from Barabo

|location = unknown

|catalogue = }}



A german adventurer was found by local Philippine fishermen on February 26th 2016, mummified win his own boat. The body was identified as Manfred Fritz Bajorat who was a missing person since 2009. The boat was spotted on January 31st 2016 by a crew member of a yacht race and reported to the US coast guard due to the mast of the boat was broken. It wasnt until 4 weeks later that local fishermen would find the mummified reamins inside the capsized boat. Officials are still unsure on what happened with no evidence of stolen valuables, weapon or second person on boat. Autopsy results show that the 59 year old suffered from a heart attack near the radio telephone he was about to use to call for help.


The body of the German sailor was mummified due to the extreme warmth and salty air, leading to the dehydration of the tissue.

===Additional Info==

The purpose of Manfred's sailing trip was initially a tribute to his late wife Claudia Bajorat who passed in 2008 due to cancer


Araujo, Felipe. Ghost yacht horror as mummified body of adventurer found sitting at desk of vessel drifting at sea for years. The Sun UK.

Hall, Allen. Could mummified German sailor have been found ALIVE? Yacht team say they reported seeing the vessel floating without a mast four weeks before his remains were discovered. Daily Mail UK. 

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