Miscarried Baby Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) No name
Age 16-18 weeks
Sex N/A
Status Dead
Height 4-5 inch
Culture N/A
Date(s) 664-525 BC
Current Location
Location Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge
Catalog #


Ps mummymix 1-large trans 1463051348
A mummy of a fetus estimated to be 16-18 weeks old was found by Egyptologists at the Fitzwilliam Museum. This is the youngest mummy ever found. It was in an Egyptian sarcophagus that was estimated to be the size of a shoe-box.   

Since the mummy was a fetus no further information about its descent has been discovered and it is unclear where it is from. However, egyptologists suspect that this was a Nobel or viziers child because the coffin was well decorated with art. It was an unborn child, only the rich Nobel could afford to do that. 


In 2016 the egyptologist at the Fitzwilliam museum performed a CT scan on the coffin. They suspected it to be human internal organs at first but after they discovered it was a fetus of a human baby. With the discovery of this mummy, egyptologists were able to learn more about burial rituals in ancient Egypt and the importance of an unborn child in their culture.  


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The fetus of the baby was well-preserved in a cedar coffin. 


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